Legal Aid – Violence – new definition

Broadly, Legal Aid was abolished on 1 April for divorce and family matters.  However, a spouse or partner who can prove domestic violence can still get Legal Aid – not just to deal with any allegations of domestic violence, but for every aspect of their divorce / dispute.

There’s a new definition of ‘domestic violence’ to go with the new Legal Aid regime.  It’s an extremely broad definition which means, for example, that a single incident of controlling financial behaviour (withdrawing the use of a credit card, perhaps) could be a spouse’s passport to Legal Aid for their whole divorce.  Was that really what Parliament intended?

Have a look at the definition and see what you think:

“domestic violence” means any incident, or pattern of incidents, of controlling,
coercive or threatening behaviour, violence or abuse (whether psychological, physical,
sexual, financial or emotional) between individuals who are associated with each other;